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Lisa Crawford


is a Hamilton-based filmmaker. Her short films, What If and Death Game, have appeared at film festivals across the globe. Other projects she has produced include RU Curious, Digging Up Dorothy and Pink Is In. Most recently, Lisa produced the short drama, Stroke of Fate, starring award-winning Canadian actress Sheila McCarthy. Lisa is also the author of Becoming Lisa: A Transgender Journey

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Goldy Locks
Executive Producer
is a Property Manager from Prince Edward Island. She met Lisa when they both had Gender Affirming Surgery in Montreal on 17 September, 2014.  She was the Executive Producer for the short film, Death Game, and Executive Producer and Host for RU Curious. Gina & Lisa were married on 17 March 2020 just as the COVID pandemic was unfolding. Gina is also the Executive Producer on the TV series, Pink Is In. 


Kim Lombard 


was born at a very young age in London, England. He is a writer, director, actor and voice-over artist. Raised in Toronto, Canada he has lived and worked in Sevrier, France, New York City and Los Angeles. Kim has appeared in 28 commercials and 2 feature films. He was the voice of Bran and JJ in 33 episodes of the TV Loonland animated kids series TX-40. He authored a novel entitled Smash Bike and 2 feature film scripts. Currently he is writing and directing a 24 episode web series called ‘Chip Barkhouse Is the Drummist’.


Darren Stewart-Jones 
is a queer, award-winning theatremaker, performer and a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada. His plays include J.C. Superstar, Fade to Black and Sherlock & Watson: Behind Closed Doors. Darren wrote the screenplays for the short films Digging Up Dorothy and Stroke of Fate, the latter of which airs on CBC Gem. Darren stars in the recently released short film, Ramblings of a Middle-Aged Drag Queen.


Aharon Jinjihashvili 


is an Israeli/Canadian film director. He has been working in the industry consistently over the past decade. In 2015, Aharon immigrated to Vancouver, Canada to pursue his creative endeavors. He recently partnered with two other film professionals to form the Hamilton; Ontario based “2020Productions”, an independent film production house. Combining his directorial skills with his extensive knowledge of method acting, Aharon also works with actors, helping them to sharpen their skills and master their on-camera acting technique. 


Raymond Tuquero 


is an experienced media specialist (editor, shooter, graphics artist) with 15 years of experience in the medium as a corporate and commercial content creator. Since moving to the Toronto, Ontario region from USA, Raymond has been applying his go-to positive attitude and technical expertise into the narrative and short film angle of the industry. These days, Raymond pushes his efforts as a director of photography of film among some of the great talent of director of photographers and cinematographers of Ontario Canada.


Alex French
Assistant Director
is an up-and-coming Assistant Director from the Toronto/Hamilton area. Her background in production and post-production on documentary and factual TV, for companies such as Saloon, Shaftesbury, and Insight Productions, helped pave the way for her journey into scripted production, where she took on the role of Assistant Director. With multiple short films, a feature film, and a digital series under her belt, Alex is eager to see what the future holds.

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Cat Senior
got her start with the launch of MTV Canada's flagship comedy show MTV Live. During her time at MTV she took on the daunting task of managing and supervising all post production for three daily national shows in addition to The Hills Aftershow and 1 Girl 5 Gays which were both syndicated in the US on MTV and Logo. Cat has worked on productions for Bell Media, CBC Comedy, Our House Media and Blue Ant Media. Currently Cat is the editor on Animalogic, a YouTube nature channel with over 1.25 million subscribers.


Caroline Puzinas  


is a Hamilton-based filmmaker, film crew member, archaeologist, and ACTRA member. She took a screenwriting course and has written a feature with a co-writer. She created a YouTube series, The Temp. You Don’t Belong Here, which she also produced and served on as Art Director appeared at film festivals across North America, on and on a Horror Anthology by V2 Pictures. She enjoys working with new creative teams and is a great supporter of diverse voices making their contributions to the entertainment world

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